The set of pictures below are from a trip made to Death Valley National Park on May 4-10, 2000 by Ron Kuhnel and Bob Ferguson.  The highlights of this trip were a trip down Titus Canyon, a hike up Fall Canyon to above the 35 foot dry fall, which involved a treacherous climb up the nearly vertical canyon wall, and the attempted climb of 9,701 foot Tin Mountain, which overlooks the road from Ubehebe Crater to the Racetrack.    The ascent of Tin Mountain was not successful, as cold winds and an error in route finding caused the hikers to ascend the steep cliff to the northwest, leaving Tin Mountain unreachable across a deep ravine.  A climb of this peak will have to await another day.  All photos below are thumbnails. Click on the image for a full sized photo (warning...they are fairly large and load a little slow).  Use the"back" button on your browser to return.

Bob at Badwater.JPG (14970 bytes)

Bob at Badwater

Bob at top of Titus Canyon.JPG (16509 bytes)

Top of Titus Canyon

Bob at Mesquite Springs campground.JPG (127480 bytes)

Bob at Lunch

Bob at Leadfield.JPG (126129 bytes)


Bob in Powder Shack in Leadfield, CA.JPG (115251 bytes)

Powder Shack

Bob on Talus Slope at Tin Mountain.JPG (138460 bytes)

Talus Slope - Tin Mt.

Bob Ferguson on Tin Mountain false summit.JPG (105341 bytes)

Bob on Ledge - Tin Mt.

Below Cliffs on Tin Mountain.jpg (97398 bytes)

The ledge at Tin Mt.

Bob at  tree on Tin Mountain.jpg (136897 bytes)

Tree on Tin Mt.

Bob at end of Tin Mountain hike.JPG (102988 bytes)

Bottom of Tin Mt.

Bob at dry fall in Fall Canyon 02.JPG (142005 bytes)

Bob in Fall Canyon

BOB at Titus Canyon.JPG (60130 bytes)

Titus Canyon

Far Side of Canyon at Tin Mountain.JPG (71648 bytes)

Top of Tin Mt.

Looking West on Tin Mountain.JPG (14010 bytes)

Dry Mt from Tin Mt.

Narrows in Fall Canyon.JPG (30326 bytes)

Narrows - Fall Canyon