Zanone House Furniture

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Apothecary Chest.JPG (19150 bytes)

Apothecary Chest

Bedroom Chair.JPG (14510 bytes)

Master Bedroom Chair

Bedroom Chest.JPG (18489 bytes)

Master Bedroom Chest

Bookcase Hallway.JPG (26182 bytes)

Bookcase in Upstairs Hallway

Chest of Drawers Al's Room.JPG (15497 bytes)

Chest of Drawers in Al's Room

Chest of Drawers.JPG (19046 bytes)

Chest of Drawers in Josh's Room

Church Pew.JPG (17613 bytes)

Church Pew in Entryway

Coal Hod and F'ing Red Chair.JPG (17749 bytes)

Coal Hod and Chair in Parlor

Coal Hod number 2 and second Red Chair.JPG (22138 bytes)

Coal Hod & Chair in Living Room

Coffee Table.JPG (15146 bytes)

Coffee Table

End Table Josh's Room.JPG (16824 bytes)

End Table in Josh's Room

Entertainment Center.JPG (19455 bytes)

Entertainment Center

Fireplace Screen.JPG (17297 bytes)

Fireplace Screen

Leather Chair.JPG (20070 bytes)

Leather Chair

Library Table.JPG (21220 bytes)

Library Table

Map table.JPG (21329 bytes)

Map Table

Marble top table, music stand, old chair.JPG (21793 bytes)

Marble Top Table

Mel's Desk.jpg (19410 bytes)

Melanie's Desk

Music Cabinet.JPG (19038 bytes)

Music Stand

Nested tables.JPG (17668 bytes)

Nested Tables

Plant in middle parlor.JPG (25717 bytes)

Plant in Middle Parlor

Plant Stand Hallway.JPG (18471 bytes)

Plant stand in Hallway

Shaving Mirror.JPG (19278 bytes)

Shaving Mirror

Side by side.JPG (21687 bytes)

Entry Storage Unit

Sleigh Bed.JPG (17310 bytes)

Sleigh Bed

Small Chest Al's Room.JPG (15568 bytes)

Chest in Al's Room

Small Chest Becky's Room.JPG (16308 bytes)

Chest in Becky's Room

Small Table Josh's Room.JPG (23417 bytes)

Small table in Josh's Room

Sofa in Middle Parlor.JPG (22493 bytes)

Sofa in Middle Parlor

 Table in Becky's Room.JPG (14189 bytes)

Table in Becky's Room

 Telephone Table.JPG (16444 bytes)

Telephone Table

Wastebasket.JPG (21901 bytes)