Environmental Issues

Preservation of our environment, including the protection of our wildlife, forests, oceans, wild areas are very important to us.   We live in Eureka, in what used to be a redwood forest.  Only about 3% of these magnificent old growth redwoods remain.  Fortunately many of these are now protected in National Parks and State Parks, but other old growth species are under siege.  While responsible logging companies are in the majority, a small minority are attacking the few remaining old growth Douglas Fir.   More importantly these particular companies are ruining the streams with irresponsible logging practices, causing flooding and loss of the historic fisheries.   Most of our wonderful north coast rivers are endangered from irresponsible and corrupt corporate interests who place profit above all values.

In addition to this outrage, we are rapidly losing our wetlands, wild areas, forest trails for hiking and cross country skiing.  Under pressure from special interests that have an economic incentive to care little about the environment our current administration has caved in to these greedy corporate interests.  We strongly support those common interests that are fighting the good fight for a livable and sustainable planet.  This includes clean air, clean water, wilderness areas where we can find solitude, cross country ski trails far from snow machines, and wetlands for our birds.   But most importantly it includes a world where our children, grandchildren,  and their descendents can live in peace and harmony with nature. 

Below are some of the organizations to whom we give our time and some of our money.   If these issues matter to you, and frankly they should, we urge you to support them.

Local Environmental or Conservation Organizations

Friends of the Dunes

Environmental Protection Information Center

Northcoast Environmental Center

Friends of the Trinity River


National or Regional Environmental Organizations

Audubon Society

Sierra Club

Friends of the River

Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance

Bonneville Shoreline Trail Association

High Country News