Kuhnel Garden Railroad

(Wabash and G)

Construction of the Kuhnel Garden Railroad began in August 2003.  In a 30' x 60' section of slightly sloping land, work began with clearing out some old stumps, and a couple of small trees.   Then 160 railroad ties were cut in half and placed on end, buried about 2', and joined together by reinforcing rod and pressure treated 2x4s. About 150 cubic yards of fill were brought in.  

The photos below show progress to-date (November 2004).  The walls are done and the  fill is all in and compacted.   The  mountains, tunnel, and rock work will commence soon.  Track laying on the east side is nearly complete, including ballast, along with the planting of 120 heather plants.  A pond has been roughed in, and a tunnel placed.  Rockwork and trestle work will begin soon on the mountain (east) section.   The driving of the golden spike is targeted for the Spring of 2005

Graded, Leyland Cypresses planted, ties delivered 
(Oct 27, 2003)

Back Wall Construction begins (Nov 5, 2003)

More back wall construction (Nov 5)

Cutting the RR ties in half (Nov 5)

Back wall finished - 100 yds of fill installed (Nov 7)

Front wall completed (Nov 25)

Installing drain and stairs (Nov 27)

Wall, drain, and stairs completed - waiting for more fill (December 2003)

Spring is in the air and work is ready to begin (Feb 04)

Top soil begins to arrive and be compacted (Mar 04)

Ready for the mountain and pond (Mar 04)

Fill is all in and ready for rail and plants  (July 2004)

Digging out the pond

Sections of 5" track arrive (July 2004)

Heather Planted on East Side (Sept 2004)

Ballast for track (Nov 2004)

Digging out for ballast (Nov 2004)

Ballast placed and tamped (Nov 2004)