Zanone Kitchen

There are actually two kitchens in the Zanone house.  The larger kitchen contains a stove, refrigerator, butcher block, and table with for chairs.  The "fuel elevator" is on one side, and a large array of cabinets and drawers are on another side. Some of the cabinets are accessible from both the kitchen and dining room, and the drawers pull out from either side.

The other kitchen is the service kitchen.  It is longer and narrower, and contains the sink, dishwasher, and counters.  It has many cabinets, all of which are original, made of redwood,  and in excellent.  In the 1990's the original wooden counters were removed and replaced with modern tile, and a stainless steel sink.  The long-term goal is to replace the modern counters with wooden counters and an appropriately styled sink more in keeping with the 1908 restoration theme.

Photos of the two kitchens follow:


Main kitchen with old white paint and vinyl floor

Main kitchen showing fuel elevator

Main kitchen with new paint and linoleum 



Service Kitchen 

Service Kitchen