Mount Rainier

Ron and Melanie Kuhnel climbed Mount Rainier in August of 1995.  This was a very difficult climb, taking two days over large glaciers..  Both reached the summit.   The photos below are of the mountain from early in the climb, and on the summit.

Mount Rainier.  Route is up the glacier in the middle veering to the right.  First night is spend at about the skyline on right side at Camp Muir.

Ron and Melanie on top of Mt. Rainier.  Small specs to Melanie's left are climbers returning from opposite rim of the crater.

Melanie on top of Mt. Rainier surrounded by the rest of the climbing party.

Ron on top of Mt. Rainier and climbing party.   There were 19 climbers including 5 guides (24 total). 

Ron and Melanie on the summit of Mt. Rainier.  Two very happy climbers.  An experience of a lifetime!!