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This website is dedicated to the Ron and Melanie Kuhnel Family of Eureka, California and members of their family.   The  buttons below (click on the photo) will take you to areas representing various activities and interests, such as the historic Magdalena Zanone House restoration project in Eureka, mountain climbing and other outdoor pursuits, vacations, the Zanone Park and Garden Project, links to other family websites, and businesses run by various family members.

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Ron's Biography Added


The Zanone House
 at 1604 G Street
Restoration Project

The Zanone Park
Gardens Project

Genealogy - Kuhnel, Byler, LeGate, Noble and other ancestors


Summit of Mount Rainier

Hobbies: Hiking and Backpacking,  Mountain Climbing, Scuba Diving, Whitewater Rafting, Walking, Jogging, Bicycling, and Model Railroading.

Family Pages: (currently Dave Kuhnel, Rick Kuhnel, and Steve Berry)

The Original Zanone House at 1646 G Street Renovation project

Utah Doberman Rescue

Photo Album
Family Portrait Gallery
Tom and Brooke Wedding


Miscellaneous, including The Attack on Pearl Harbor


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