Genealogy Pages

This section is devoted to the research into the genealogy of Ron Kuhnel and Melanie LeGate Kuhnel, husband and wife.  

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Kuhnel Genealogy 

Ron Kuhnel is the son of John William Kuhnel and Isolene Alberta. Byler.  Ron was born December 15, 1939 in Portland, Oregon.

Ron and Melanie have six children between them. They are Leslie Lollich, Martha McLaughlin, Rebecca Lollich, David Kuhnel, Steve Berry, and Joshua Kuhnel.

An Ahnentafel Chart for Ron Kuhnel can be seen by clicking here.

Legate Genealogy

Melanie LeGate is the daughter of Alvis Floyd  LeGate and Norlene Halcyon Whitley.  Melanie was born December 10, 1940 in Sacramento, California.

An Ahnentafel Chart for Melanie Kuhnel can be seen by clicking here.